Daredevil show runner to helm Pacific Rim 2

by Grant Cronin

Pacific Rim was one of the those movies that split audiences. For as many people that said they loved it there was just as many that said they hated it. I was firmly in the camp that loved it and wanted to be immediately back in the universe that Guillermo del Toro had created.

A sequel to Pacific Rim has been in development hell the past couple of years with studio squabbling and concerns just how financially successful a sequel could be. However Deadline reported on Tuesday that Steven DeKnight, show-runner for Marvel’s Netflix hit Daredevil will be replacing del Toro in the directors chair.

DeKnight is credited for creating the Spartacus television series and has written, directed and produced other television shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Smallville over the years. Pacific Rim 2 would be DeKnight’s directorial debut for a feature length film but hopes are high after the success of Daredevil.

I’m disappointed in del Toro seemingly leaving the project but more than happy to see some progress on it. A release date has yet to be re-set for Pacific Rim 2 since Universal removed it from its 2017 release calendar.

What are your thoughts on this? Happy there’s progress but unhappy at the change of director? Comment below!


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