Vinyl: Cocaine, Funk & Flares are back!

by Grant Reed

Break out Dad’s flares because the 70s are back! Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll will be taking its rightful place back on our screens soon! Thanks to the combined efforts of executive producer and writer Terence Winter (famous for bringing us Boardwalk Empire and The Wolf of Wall Street), Mick Jagger (need I say anymore) and Martin Scorsese (come on!).

The new HBO series encompasses all of HBO’s classic formats from both male and female nudity to murder to drug abuse and yes, violence. So it is not to be missed. The show begins with the end of the 1960s by putting you straight out of the pan and into the fire of the 1970s. The show is based around record labels and their fight to survive as the 1970s give birth to a whole host of new music, culture and ideals.

The show’s main character is a Richie Finestra, whose life is about to go on the up as he decides to sell his record company American Century. However, he decides to take another route as he falls into the clutches of drug abuse and ruins the sale altogether. He’s not the only one who suffers from this as his wife Devon Finestra played by House’s own Olivia Wilde is also affected as you learn that Ritchie is not the only one who suffers with addiction in the relationship.

The show also brings Everybody Loves Raymond’s own Ray Romano! Playing Vinyl’s character Zac Yankovich the record companies promotion guy and second in charge. A character who also greatly suffers due to the main characters recent brush with addiction as the company’s sale comes to an end.

You will also notice that as the shows pilot movie length feature plays a band comes into the fold as the record label desperately tries to sign new acts to bring in the much needed cash lost from the destruction of the sale. That band the Nasty Bits and its singer is… Mick Jagger’s own son James Jagger. Another big name and cool feature to the show, let’s see if fame and success runs in the blood!

With Mick Jagger and whole host of people who experienced the 70s on set you can rely on its authenticity in the way of what music was relevant at the time, the props on set from vintage corded house phones to fat but tiny television sets and with Jagger’s particular experience the sex drugs and rock n roll will be as authentic as legally possible.

The show also boasts a whole album worth of new musical material by amazing artists such as; Otis Redding, Julian Casablanca’s and many more as the show is released weekly so will each episodes featured songs.

The show also fictionalizes historical people of the time such as; David Bowie, Alice Cooper, John Lennon, Led Zeppelin and their famous near psychotic manager Peter Grant. So fans of the music of the times will feel right at home, and for those who simply lived in the explosive time of the 1970s will be taking a journey back in time.

If you’re a young person same as me never fear as the shows level of nudity, violence and drug abuse allows the story to take you on a rollercoaster of emotion, and if that’s not enough the shows music alone is enough to stand up to anything released today cover or not. So if you’re a music fan, a 70s fan or you’re just looking for something new to watch Vinyl is the show for you! It’s level of authenticity, fictionalized historical people featured and exciting fast paced story line based upon one the most exciting industries and eras will be enough!

Thanks for reading and please comment below!

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