Title Matchup: Frozen vs Frozen

In a new series, Noodle Break pits two films with the exact same title against each other to see which comes out on top. 

by Noodle Break

This week’s versus match is between Disney’s animated favourite Frozen (2013) and Adam Green’s Frozen (2010), a thriller-horror set in a winter ski resort.

I’m sure most of you are already aware of Disney’s Frozen, so I’m not going to bore you with the details, but in case you’ve been living in a box for the last four years; there are princesses, magical powers, anthropomorphic characters and you know – the usual Disney stuff. As with any kids’ picture, there were some viewers who automatically took against Frozen, and that’s especially understandable considering the massive hysteria surrounding this particular feature. This, however, is a sweet and utterly charming movie that cleverly subverts many of the tropes for which Disney gets criticised for. This may not be up there with Snow White and the Seven Dwarves or Beauty and the Beast, but it has enough witty dialogue and catchy songs to become a one of their classics in the future.

Adam Green’s Frozen could hardly be any more different from the Disney film. Set in a New England ski resort, Frozen is about a trio of friends who become suspended on a chair lift overnight. Knowing that the ski slopes would not be reopened for another week, the friends realise they must find a way to get down, but little do they know a pack of hungry wolves awaits them. The setup is admittedly preposterous, as you can probably tell from that brief plot description, but the claustrophobia of being stuck in freezing temperatures is undeniably effective. In another director’s hands this could have easily been a shoddy black-comedy, but Green plays his story with complete conviction and the result is fun and thrilling.

Green’s icy suspense thriller will be of interest for horror aficionados, but against the charming behemoth that is Disney’s Frozen; there’s no contest.

The Winner: Frozen (2013)


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