Movie studios looking to shake up the on demand market

by Ste Wood

As we tread further into the already quite scary world of post-2016 planet earth, one positive change to the climate of the western world could be a massive shake up in how we view blockbuster Hollywood releases. As of this writing, six major film production companies (Universal, Sony, Fox, Warner Bros, Lionsgate, and Paramount) are engaged in discussions about the possibility of releasing feature films ‘on-demand’ shortly after their theatrical debuts.

Although nothing has been confirmed yet, the proposed industry restructure would allow audiences early digital access to new films 17 days after their theatrical release, at a cost of $50 (roughly £36). And while the grossly inflated price-tag would likely do nothing to deter the ever-plundering internet pirates of the world, this is certainly exciting news for the growing portion of viewers that seem uninterested in the conventional cinema experience.

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